Welcome, our program for 2017 is now up and running. 

Please sign up to our newsletter to receive advance notice of upcoming events. Several recent events sold out. By subscribing to our email service you can beat the rush. [not subscribed to our emails? It's very easy, just visit our home page and type your email address in the form at the bottom, that's all you have to do.]

Please Note: this year we've moved to an on-line ticket service called 'try booking', please click on the 'buy tickets' button to purchase tickets. There are no extra fees. A limited number of tickets will be made available for cash sale at both Maleny Bookshop and Rosetta Books.

We hope to be able to stage one more event before the end of the year, with former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans.

The date for the event will be Sunday 10th December. Due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be able to confirm this event until around November 26th. As soon as we know we will send out emails. 

Gareth Evans has recently published a memoir, Incorrigible Optimist (which sums up how we feel about this upcoming event)

Please look to your email around the 26th for more news.

Outspoken is proud to work with two bookstores in Maleny, Rosetta Books (bookseller on the night) and Maleny Bookshop. We thank Anne Brown, Tyyni Lang and Fi Hunter for their continued support of our events. We'd also like to thank Maleny Community Centre for their help, they'll be running the bar. Complimentary biscuits and cheese from Maleny Cheese will be available pre-show.

If you know someone who you think might be interested in attending please pass on the information. Outspoken receives no external funding, we depend upon you, our audience, for support. Many thanks.